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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

~the biggest crime that I had done when I was a child~

I am a naughty kid..If not, I didn't always got beaten by my parents during my childhood..Batang paip, batang penyapu, tali pinggang, penyangkut baju, bulu ayam, sebut ja apa pun semuanya Iris dah pernah rasa..Tapi senakal-nakal Iris pun, I didn't stole Pak Abu's rambutan at his orchard or peeping Kak Limah's daughther bersiram di jamban..I didn't got chances to do all that because my feet dah kena ikat kat rumah..

Okey guys, what is crime??? For your additional information, crime can be defined as an act committed or omitted in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it and for which punishment is imposed upon conviction..So in this entry, I just want to share with all you regarding the biggest crime that I had done when I was a child..

I was eight that time and I just finished my mid term exam..On that day, I just received my maths result..I got A for that subject with score of 98%..But, I made a silly mistake..Because of my carelessness I didn't calculate 9+2 correctly..My math teacher said that we need to show our result to our parents and as a prove that we already shown it, our parents need to sign on top of the paper..Then we need to pass up our paper back to her on tomorrow class, if not, we will be getting a punishment.. 

I went back to home that day with a happy face..After having bath, I proudly shown my maths paper to my mom..

'Mak, orang dah dapat markah matematik..Orang dapat 98%..Cikgu suruh mak sign kat sini bila dah tengok'

So my mom gone through my maths paper..And then, she was suddenly gone mad as she seen that I solved 9+2=10..She was really pissed off and she didn't want to sign on my maths paper..Puas Iris explained and pujuk, but it didn't work out..I was soo sad and soo worried..Takut kena punishment esok..

I did my homework that night crying..Then suddenly an idea came up..If my mom won't sign it why can I just sign it on her behalf..Idea ni keluar sebab terpengaruh dengan drama melayu yang Iris pernah tengok..Dapat ja idea ni, I'm searching for my previous exam paper that my mom had signed..I copied my mom signature..Then the problem was solved..

I felt soo relieved that my problem already solved..That night, before I went to bed, Iris dengar mak Iris bising-bising kat bilik belakang..Memang sah-sah la Iris dah kantoi..Mak Iris dapat tau Iris tiru tandatangan dia..Memang teruk Iris kena malam tue..

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