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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

~bank draft~

Semalam boleh dikatakan sebagai hari yang panjang bagi Iris..Banyak urusan yang perlu diselesaikan..Dari pagi memang Iris tak lekat di rumah langsung..Nasib baik Iris tak terlewat ke tempat kerja..Biasalah urusan dengan bank, memang memakan masa yang agak lama..Dari BSN ke RHB bank..Setelah selesai segala urusan di bank, singgah ke kedai moto..Kemudian singgah pula ke kedai elektrik..Terkejar-kejar dibuatnya..Walaupun penat, sekurang-kurangnya Iris dapat belajar benda baru iaitu tentang cara-cara membuat pembayaran melalui bank draft..Yeah, I know that internet banking is much more convenient but we also need to know how to do things manually..

Sunday, 12 January 2014

~don't give up~

A tear is made of 1% of water and 99% of feeling..
Tears are words the heart can not express..

I cried because I am under stress..It is quite difficult for me to adapt myself..Working environment here is totally different compared to my previous working place..Sometimes, I am wondering, Am I making the right decision by working here..I am kind of regretting it now..Maybe it is still too early for a conclusion..Perhaps, everything will goes well soon..No matter how hard it is..I need to stay strong and not giving up..I am a fighter..

Thursday, 9 January 2014

spontaneous thursday #10

New year, new challenge, new hope and the most importantly is the new working environment..Being the new girl again is really exhausting physically and mentally..Of course it is..We need to adapt ourself with new colleague, need to mix around with them well, need to comply with new working routine and style..Furthermore as a new girl, we also need to maintain the 'good girl' role..Coming to work too early, going back to home few hours late, running up and down, helping others with their work eventhough our's is not settled yet..What else??..No matter how mad and dissatisfied we are, we can not expressed our feeling openly..Seriously, it is too much to take..I wish I could have a few days of sleep..I need plenty of rest..
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