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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Since my first evening shift until now, I'd never came back home on time..Pukul 10.++ pm baru keluar dari wad..The ward condition is quite busy and hectic with plenty of admissions and surgical cases..Some of my colleague said that it is a normal condition during school holiday while others said that it is due to working with si anon..Si anon ni 'jona' kot..Sepanjang Iris kerja dengan si anon ni memang tak sah la kalau wad tak busy..Bukan Iris sorang ja yang cakap macam tue..Ker...Iris yang 'jona' sebenarnya..Hmm....Entah la..No comment..

Behind the hustle and bustle of my ward condition, got some good things happened..The things are...I had been confirmed by my ward sister and my monthly appraisal score is improved..So for tomorrow, Iris kena pergi mengadap matron and HR manager untuk dapatkan confirmation letter..Patient hari ini pun semuanya baik-baik belaka tak da yang buat hal...At least with these good things, hilang sikit rasa penat dan serabut bekerja hari ini..Pulang ke rumah pun dengan wajah yang ceria... 

p/s: jona tue lebih kurang macam bad luck la

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