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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

~first giveaway by cik jajika~

I found this when I'm BW...This is the second GA that i joined..I decided to join because the rules and regulations are as simple as ABC plus the prizes are interesting..So if you wanted to join too then just click at the banner..

The prizes:
  • Set A: Sehelai tudung satin/bawal plain (warna rambang) + topup RM 10
  • Set B: Sehelai tudung bawal plain (warna rambang) + sehelai tudung satin (warna rambang)
  • Set C: Topup RM 15


Che Rosliza Che mat said...

cam best jer bolehlah join...

Cik Jajika said...

Thanks sbb join.. hari tu ada probs dgn blogger sbb excessive blog view.. Skrg dah okay.. Good luck ye.. =)

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