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Monday, 16 January 2012


A: Do you love pink??

B: Seriously nope..

A: Why???

B: Because most of girls love pink.

A: It's like you're saying that you're not a girl...

B: Of course I'm a girl...Need me to prove it??


B: Haha10x...I'm just kidding..Better not...The thing is i'm different.

A: So, do you like what color?

B: I love brown..

A+C: What???

C: Brown is the color of shit..

A: Yeah...Plus it is weird to see that a young girl like you love brown..

B: Come on guys...Shit is not always brownish okey...Well sometimes it can be yellowish, greenish and the worst is blackish...There are lots of things in this world in brown color beside our shit... Chocolate and soil for example..Both of them are brown too... 

A: Thats right..I agree with that

C: U're totally different B

p/s: actually sy dah muak tegok gurlz yg terlampau fanatik dgn warna pink..huhu

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