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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

day without you #1


I've been starring at my cell phone for the whole day, 
Hoping for your call and sms..
I've been so excited every time my cell phone rang, 
I thought that it might be you,
But it's not..
The whole day I've been wondering about you, 
What you doing, how was your day and is it true that your gonna be ok today as you said yesterday, 
But you're not...
I realized my harsh word hurting you, 
I'm lowering my guard, my pride, begging for your apology,
But you're not.. 
Your silence keep hurting me..
Is it a break up that you want???
I took your silence as a yes..
You got want you want....
You leave me wondering in this sorrowful night...
Crying alone the whole night..
Sleeping with tears..

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