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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

~hands only CPR~

Last Thursday, I attended a training on basic life support (BLS)...It is compulsory for us, the health care provider in Malaysia to renew our BLS certificate on every 2 years...My name was listed to attend the course as my certificate will be expired soon..

The American Heart Association (AHA) changed and revised their guideline on BLS every 5 years...So by attending the course, we could update ourself with their latest changes, enhancing our skill in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and preparing ourself in the real event of cardiac arrest in hospital setting...

the code blue mock drill

this is how we going to respond when one of our patient suddenly collapse 

Most people who experience cardiac arrest at home, workplace or in a public location die because they do not receive immediate CPR from someone on the scene...As a bystander do not be afraid...You could provides life saving care by learning hands only CPR...

What is hands only CPR?
  • CPR without mouth to mouth breaths
  • Intended for bystander untrained in CPR
  • Recommended for situation when the rescuer is unable or unwilling to provide mouth to mouth ventilations
  • Recommended for use by people who see adult suddenly collapse in the ''out of hospital'' setting
How to perform hands only CPR?

Step 1
If you see someone suddenly collapse, check the scene for safety...And then check whether the person is responding to you by tapping on his shoulder and shouting ''are you okay?''...

Step 2
Briefly look for breathing...

Step 3
If the person does not respond, call or send someone to call the local emergency number right away...

Step 4
If the person is not breathing or gasping, prepare to give chest compression...Kneel besides him...Put the heel of one hand at the center of chest...Place you other hand over that hand leasing your finger together...Position your shoulder directly over your hand, keeping your arm straight and your finger of the chest...

Step 5
Push hard and fast, at least 2 inches and allow the chest to rise completely before pressing down again...Do not take off your hand of the chest, just your weight...

Step 6
Keep going...Do not stop compression until the person shows an obvious sign of life like breathing, scene become unsafe, automatic external defibrillator (AED) is ready, you are too exhausted to continue or trained responder take over...

How to ensure effective chest compression?
  • Push hard and fast
  • Push with the rate of 100-120 beat per minute (new guideline by AHA 2016)
  • Push at the depth of at least 2 inches
  • Allow chest to rise completely before pressing down again
How do we know 100 beat per minute of chest compression sounds like?
Push hard and fast in the center of the chest to beat of the classic disco song ''Staying Alive''...This song has the right beat for hands only CPR

It is simple right???

So, do not be afraid to offer your hand...You could be a hero...You also could save a life...

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