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Monday, 9 July 2012


Umur dah 2+ tahun tapi masih lagi kena control macam budak kecil...Itu tak boleh, ini tak boleh..Semua benda nak control from my everyday routine till the way I spend my money...Nak spend time with my girlfriend pun susah..My life is to dull and bored..Balik kerja then terperuk ja kat rumah..I really hate it when I got leave for more than one day..I prefer working rather than being at home..Rimas..Lemas..Suffocated..

'Mentang-mentang dah besar, makin besar kepala nampak'

Bukan la nak besar kepala..Yeah I admit it that I'm behaving like a rebellious kid for these few days..But the thing is..me, myself..need my own space..I want to live my own life as the way I want..I don't want to be controlled by anyone..I just want to be me..Don't treat me like a kid..I'm big enough to take care of myself..Please understand me..I just need a freedom..

p/s: am I a psycho?

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